About the Project

Crises, conflicts, wars … What keeps our contemporary world together? There seems to be no more pressing question than the question as to a common identity, and no concept more ambivalent and topical as that of community.”

The idea of togetherness is current in social political discourse and debate. What forms of togetherness do exist? What are the limits to togetherness? Who do we mean when we say we”? Is community just a place in our dreams, just a utopia?

The online magazine Cultures of We” (Kulturen des Wir) focuses on these questions, exploring answers in a community of international authors – journalists, artists and scientists, taking an approach that is topical, direct and different.

Cultures of We” is a project by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Germany’s oldest organisation working in international cultural relations. Celebrating its hundredth anniversary in 2017, ifa addresses current issues relating to community, diversity and peace, debating these in many events, exhibitions, conferences and publications.